Automate Your Data Incident Workflows

Data Breaks in dbt@2x

Sh*t breaks in dbt all the time. Get detailed and actionable Slack alerts for free—forever.  
Native dbt alerting fails to meet the needs of most data teams because it doesn’t provide critically needed information, like what test failed, how many tests failed, or the blast radius of an incident. 

We believe that all teams, whether you use dbt Cloud or Core, need to be able to increase failure visibility while also maintaining flexibility.


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2. Connect to dbt Cloud or Core
3. Set up Slack Alerts


“Before Workstream our dbt Slack alerts were not detailed or actionable, making it hard for the data team to respond to nightly dbt errors from their phones.”

Slack Alerts for dbt Incidents - 3@2x

Activate your dbt incident alerting 

  • Receive instant alerts in Slack when incidents occur (and resolve) in dbt.

  • Get all the info you need including which models and tests failed and downstream dependencies.

  • Quickly triage root causes of issues, and automate ownership, follow-up tasks, and more.

Meet the new standard for data workflows. From incidents and tickets to access and insights, streamline all of your workflows via a purpose-built hub that natively integrates and automates work across your tools and teams.

Get off the Hamster Wheel 

Nothing Sucks More than being the unlucky person on the data team stuck on-call to triage and manage incidents for the week. Read this blog to learn about how triage has historically been managed and discover the new standard for data incident management (automation) so you can get back to your work.


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